Use the fair places value

We can use values frames to state powerful, unarguable truths about our world. To state that we all believe that the places we live should meet our children’s needs. And to establish our common grounds for action – without lecturing, othering, or talking down.


When we frame children’s health as an issue that matters to all of us, we help our audiences to see how they have a role in creating change.

Use an inclusive ‘we’ – one that refers to everyone, not just your organisation or a specific group – to activate people’s sense of collective agency.

Use the value of fair places to remind people that the places we live shouldn’t restrict young people’s opportunities to be healthy

To use this values frame:

  • Focus on the characteristics of places and environments (not people) – and how these characteristics need to change
  • Evoke people’s sense of fairness around access to opportunities
  • Remind people that children should have a fair chance to thrive and be healthy, no matter where they live.

Not like this:

“It’s not fair that children and families find it hard to choose healthy lifestyles. Especially ones involved in a day-to-day financial struggle. We all need to make sure that the healthy choice is also the easiest one for families.”

Like this:

“All children should be treated fairly and have the same chances to thrive and be healthy, no matter where they live. Many families do not have access to the things children need to be healthy. We all need to make sure that our neighbourhoods provide affordable, healthy food options and places where children can run, explore and play.”

Here’s what this could look like in practice:

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