Harness power of repetition

The more people hear a frame, the more powerful it becomes.

Certain words and ideas work better than others when talking about childhood obesity. We need to keep using these words and ideas to tell a new story about improving children’s health – and avoid the ones that cause harm.

Instead of Try

Physical activity

Explore, run and play, get moving

Food environment

Options, barriers – and explain these using the rivers metaphor

Choices, lifestyles

Options, opportunities

Inequality/disparities in low income areas

The fair places value to bring these to life – e.g ‘It shouldn’t be harder for people in [area] to be healthy’

‘We need to take a public health approach to this issue’

‘This issue affects all of us – we all need opportunities to be healthy. By [doing specific action] we can…’

Preventative approach, moderation

Work upstream, balance the flow – and extend the rivers metaphor to give specific details

Encourage, inspire

Support, help, enable

Not enough physical activity/exercise

Not enough opportunities to exercise and be healthy

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