Guidances for schools and families

  • Normalise the support, not the struggle. Put solutions centre-stage
  • Extend the rivers metaphor to talk about solutions and support – like lifeboats, rafts, floodgates
  • Avoid language that triggers judgement and individual blame – like lifestyles, ‘better decisions,’ and ‘better choices’
  • Avoid language that implies education or willpower is the only solution to poor health.


Modern life makes it hard to stay healthy. Our ‘Active Lives’ programme helps busy parents prioritise staying active to fight childhood obesity. Amy joined this programme in 2019: “‘Active Lives’ helped me make the right decisions for me and my family. I’ve made small changes to our lives that have made a big difference.”


Every child deserves the opportunity to be healthy, no matter where they live. Our ‘Active Neighbourhoods’ programme breaks down barriers to health for families – and works to improve every child’s health. Amy joined this programme in 2019: “‘Active Neighbourhoods’ has given us more opportunities to be healthy – like weekly park runs, supervised outdoor play for the kids, and safer bike routes. These small changes to our environment have made a big difference.”

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